15/04/14 - 1 note

Oh, wow! I’m 4 away from 100 followers~ Thank you, everyone!

15/04/14 - 2 notes

I drew my friend for her birthday! (It’s a little late though. Oops.)

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10/04/14 - 1 note

Just sorta testing things out.

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29/03/14 - 10 notes

My pal parkuspanda got a neat new toy and I got to try it out. So here’s what I drew. Cute little gatchaman.

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26/03/14 - 0 notes

Having not been on deviantart for a while, I kind of wanna do some of those art style memes or something. Anyone have one they’d like to see me do? 

26/03/14 - 3 notes

I was trying to find something in my old deviantart and I came across this fantastic Mudkip that I drew circa 2009. It was a good ol’ meme of a time.

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25/03/14 - 0 notes

I got Spore. Made a dragon. He’s an herbivore apparently. woooooooooo

20/03/14 - 27 notes

I recently bought Sonic ‘06 for the soul purpose of playing it with friends and subjecting ourselves to it’s horridness. To my unfortunate surprise, I kinda actually sortamaybe think Silver is kindasortacool…

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19/03/14 - 1 note

Been feeling like absolute shit lately. Mentally and physically. So here’s a sad Shinji.

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02/03/14 - 0 notes

irishsparkleparty replied to your post: I sorta just watched all twelve episod…

i need to watch iiiiitttttt

Yessss. Do iiiiit.