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I’m on a break from my classes, so I’m going to open up commissions for the next week and a half or so (maybe longer!), but we’ll see how things go!

OKAY. It’s pretty simple. There are two options: regular character commissions, and GIF commissions. for $30, you can get yourself a nice digital drawing of a character of your choice (original or fan-art) and when I’m done I’ll send you a high-quality .PNG so you can print it if you want! Additional characters are $20. Two character maximum. No outright porn, NSFW-ish content can be discussed.
Additional Examples: X X X X

GIF prices are broken down as follows: $30 for the character + $20 for every 12 frames of animation (1 second). You get to pick what is animated on the character, but keep it relatively simple. The animation will loop. We can negotiate different prices if you’re looking for something more complex. (The GIFs will be completely finished too, the bottom picture is just an example of what you could get animated)

Payment is done through Paypal only. I’ve put together a document on how to request your commission as well as providing more details on various things. Please read it all because it should answer most questions you might have. If you have any other questions though, feel free to email me at ParkusPanda@gmail.com!


Lastly, if you’re not interested/don’t have the money/(or insert other reason here), I still really appreciate sharing and reblogging! Thank you so much to everyone and I can’t wait to hear from some of you!

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Made this for a speculative ad assignment I’m doing with spazboy225 and kaleidoart.

LOTS more to come in the future!

More from our group project!

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Made Kayun for my intermediate 3D modeling class then did all the texturing in another class. 

…3D is hard…

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A friend and myself did a presentation on Pokémon for our final Physics project. And since this is an art school we obviously drew our pics. So here are my pokémon for the project. Except my pal, spazboy225,did the original sketch for that Machamp. (because i can’t muscle)

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A thing I’ve been working on. Oh man. The time that went into this.

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Hey guys! So I’m finally getting this thing  rolling and thought I’d get a few more opinions.

Would full color look better or should I go the monochrome route? 

What I have planned with the monochrome is that, as the setting changes, the color would also change. i.e. desert setting = orange monochrome, forest setting = green monochrome, ocean setting = blue monochrome, and so on.

Message me or reblog what you think!

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Sort of half assed character sheets.

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Just a quick doodle between homework. I was talking to a pal of mine about my outfits for the local Renaissance Festival and wanted to show him what they looked like. 

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Okay! I finally did it! 

Here’s a link to my Rosalina ask blog~

Ask Lady Rosalina

Go check it out if yer interested!

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